What’s a MOBA?

What’s a MOBA?  This is a great question, and as a parent of a gamer, an important thing to know.  This nonsensical term is tied to several of the most popular games in the world.  If you’re a parent of a gamer, chances are they either play – or know someone who plays – a MOBA game.

What's a MOBA?
League of Legends – Image courtesy of Riot Games

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Why Can’t My Kid Just Pause Their Game?

Why Can't My Kid Pause Their Online Game

You ask, beg, even sometimes threaten, but your kiddo still claims they can’t pause their game.  Why? What’s going on?  Tell me, have you ever had a conversation like this?

“Why can’t you just pause your game?”
“I told you,  I can’t pause it. It doesn’t work that way.”
“It’s a game. Just pause it and get down here.”
“Ugh… The game doesn’t pause.”
“Whatever then, I don’t care. It’s time for dinner. Just come down.”
“I can’t. Their jungler’s down and we’re about to towerdive on mid.  And it’s ranked.”
“You can jungle your mid or whatever later.  I already told you, it’s time for dinner. Get down here”
“But why!”

I can’t imagine I’m the only parent that’s had this talk.  It’s infuriating and can be confusing.  Why can’t they pause their online game?  I mean… It’s a game.  Why can’t they just pause it? Even if it’s online, it’s not like the internet’s going to pick up and leave — So why does your kiddo insist they can’t just stop?

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