What’s E3?

Has your kiddo been glued to the internet more than usual the last few days? If you’re the Parent of a big gaming fanatic, there’s a reason for it. It’s E3 Season, which means huge announcements and hype for the game industry as a whole.  

E3 Logo

So, what exactly is E3? Why is it a big deal in gaming, and why is your game-loving kiddo obsessed with it? We’ll explore and answer all that in this post.

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What’s a Metroidvania?

If you have a kiddo or kiddos way into games, you may have heard them talk about Metroidvania games.  They’re pretty popular for a game type with a completely nonsensical name.  As a genre or game type, you tend to find them in smaller indie games. However, nowadays, even large blockbuster games use the core mechanics of the genre.

What's a Metroidvania Game?

So, what are these games?  What is a Metroidvania game? Why is it called that? What’s this all about?  In this entry, we explore all that and give everything you, as a parent, need to know.  

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What’s an RPG?

So…. What’s an RPG?  There’s a lot of different game genres these days.  Sports, Racing, Fighting, Hero Shooters, MOBAs, Strategy Games, Battle Royale, Rogue-likes, the list goes on and on.  One of the oldest and most pervasive of these genres, though, is the RPG.  It’s tropes go back to some of the earliest days of gaming, and today, modern games are still using those same mechanics to expand their audience.  

So, what exactly is an RPG?

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Anduin vs Sylvanas
World of Warcraft – Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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League of Legends Concepts Parents Need To Know

I’m not a League of Legends pro.  I’ve played a fair number of matches though.  I understand the mechanics, I understand the gameplay, I understand the tactics.

At least I thought I did… Until I watched a stream of pros playing the game.

The action was moving so fast, and the jargon was so thick I could barely make sense of what I was seeing.  It really drove home both the true complexity of the game and an appreciation of the skills needed to play at the professional level.

It also reinforced for me how difficult it is to communicate what’s going on the game, let alone understand.

And that brings us to this post.

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What’s a MOBA?

What’s a MOBA?  This is a great question, and as a parent of a gamer, an important thing to know.  This nonsensical term is tied to several of the most popular games in the world.  If you’re a parent of a gamer, chances are they either play – or know someone who plays – a MOBA game.

What's a MOBA?
League of Legends – Image courtesy of Riot Games

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Roguelike – A Quick and Simple Guide for Parents

If you have an older kiddo – particularly one that loves more “indie” games or plays mostly on the computer, rather than on a gaming console, there’s a pretty good chance they’ve played – or at least talked about – Roguelike games.

They may not use that term — But there’s a pretty large volume of games that fall in this category. So, while you may not have heard them use this term Roguelike, they probably have talked about the games. Though, as I touched on above, the chances of this are greater if you’ve got a teenager rather than a youngling. Not that there’s anything particularly teenagery about them, they just tend to skew a little older cause… well… permadeath. We’ll get to that in a second.

With all that in mind, let’s jump to it.

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