What’s E3?

Has your kiddo been glued to the internet more than usual the last few days? If you’re the Parent of a big gaming fanatic, there’s a reason for it. It’s E3 Season, which means huge announcements and hype for the game industry as a whole.  

E3 Logo

So, what exactly is E3? Why is it a big deal in gaming, and why is your game-loving kiddo obsessed with it? We’ll explore and answer all that in this post.

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Speedrunning Games – Definitions and Guides for Parents

“Did you see?”
“I’m gonna need more than that. Like, anything about anything.”
“Super Mario Brothers. There’s a new world record for beating it. It’s down to 4:56”
“You can beat Super Mario Brothers in less than five minutes?”
“I can’t… But people can. They found a flagpole glitch that let’em shave off time.”
“A flag what now?”
“A glitch. They shaved off like 3 tenths of a second.”
“Wait. Wait wait wait. 3 tenths of a second. That’s a thing. That’s a thing people do. Run games to shave off fractions of a second.”
“Um… Yea-ah. It’s speedrunning. Three tenths of a second is a big deal.”
“I’m sure it is.”
“Seriously. It’s HUGE”
“Ugh… You just. Don’t. Get it.”

Yup. Speedrunning. It’s a thing. And it’s a big deal for a subset of gamers. There’s even a biannual charity event for it: Games Done Quick. Where the dedicated get together and stream out playing games as fast as humanly possible.

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