Let’s Talk About Cuphead

So, my own kiddo is, admittedly, not that into action games.  I, however, am a pretty big fan, and judging by the amount of sales on this game, a lot of other people are too.  Given the growing fandom, there’s a good chance you’ve heard your little gamer talking about the new cartoon based action game:  Cuphead

So, what is this thing?

Cuphead – Looks like a Disney cartoon from the 30’s.  Plays like a Super Nintendo Game from the 90’s.  It’s an indie action game from StudioMDHR that takes a loving inspiration from 1930’s cartoons… minus, you know, the racism and stuff, and pits the players against stages and bosses with gameplay that’s a throwback to the 90’s.

The game is tough.  Very tough.  But, seemingly – for the most part – fair.  As you and/or your kiddos play, it’s going to make you improve.  It’s the kind of game where practice and pattern recognition is going to win the day.

You’ll run, you’ll jump, you’ll shoot – out of admittedly hilariously inspired “finger guns”, oh… and you’ll die.  A lot.

Like… a lot, a lot.

Finger guns… Love it.

But you should have fun doing it, and you get back into the action very very quickly – no waiting 45 seconds for the game to load just so you can die again in 20 seconds just to repeat.

All right, so why’s my kid talking about it?

It’s crazy popular at the time of this writing.  Additionally, In the gaming culture right now, there’s an interesting take where many of the influencers (youtubers, twitch streamers, bloggers, etc…) are excited about challenging games, and this is one.  On top of that, it’s an indie game with some amazing production values (meaning it looks, plays, and sounds awesome).  On top of THAT, it has an art style that’s really never been seen before in a game.  All that ties together in a very attention-getting package.

Basically, the game has an aesthetic, mechanics, and a “soul” about it that’s just pretty cool.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s coming in at a value price, which makes it easier to forgive its flaws.

What’s so cool about it?

The biggest attention getter, as mentioned above, is the art style.  You’ll love it or – if you’re like my wife – you’ll hate it. Seriously.  She hates it.  Hates it In the face.  One thing’s for certain though, you’ll notice it.  Once screenshot, one video, anything you see on the game and you’ll instantly recognize it.

How does it play?

Nice.  Controls are pretty tight, and while the bosses you fight don’t have a life bar, when you inevitably die, you’ll get a pretty neat graph that shows how far you got towards defeating him.  There’s also multiple difficulty levels – but, regardless of what they’re called in game, you can pretty much refer to them as “hard” and “really really hard.”

It’s an interesting dichotomy too.  The game is rated “E for Everyone” for content, but it’s difficulty is such that you’ll likely have younger kids doing more watching and less playing.  Older kids and more experienced gamers will take to the difficulty more.  As noted above, it’s hard — but it’s fair.  It’s one of those games that practice will definitely make perfect.

Playtforms – What can you play it on?

  • XBox One
  • Windows 10
  • PC

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