What’s an RPG?

So…. What’s an RPG?  There’s a lot of different game genres these days.  Sports, Racing, Fighting, Hero Shooters, MOBAs, Strategy Games, Battle Royale, Rogue-likes, the list goes on and on.  One of the oldest and most pervasive of these genres, though, is the RPG.  It’s tropes go back to some of the earliest days of gaming, and today, modern games are still using those same mechanics to expand their audience.  

So, what exactly is an RPG?

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Anduin vs Sylvanas
World of Warcraft – Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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Everything Parents Need To Know About Overwatch

Overwatch is big, and just getting bigger.  It’s a game that’s penetrating the consciousness of gamers everywhere. So chances are – your kiddo plays it, wants to play it, or knows someone who plays it.

Overwatch Logo
Overwatch – Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Keep reading to learn everything parents need to know about Overwatch.  It’ll help you learn everything from the mechanics to how to talk to your kids about it.

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League of Legends Concepts Parents Need To Know

I’m not a League of Legends pro.  I’ve played a fair number of matches though.  I understand the mechanics, I understand the gameplay, I understand the tactics.

At least I thought I did… Until I watched a stream of pros playing the game.

The action was moving so fast, and the jargon was so thick I could barely make sense of what I was seeing.  It really drove home both the true complexity of the game and an appreciation of the skills needed to play at the professional level.

It also reinforced for me how difficult it is to communicate what’s going on the game, let alone understand.

And that brings us to this post.

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Horizon Dawn – My Favorite Game of 2017

I started this post as my favorite game of all time.  I couldn’t narrow it down.  So, instead, I decided to instead do my favorite game of 2017.

I actually wanted to title it My Favorite Game of 2017 That Wasn’t A Game I Made – (See Super Lucky’s Tale), but it seemed a little wordy… and my grammar checker yelled at me.

Even still, honestly, it was kind of hard.  Being in the industry, I play a lot of games… Like a lot a lot.  I don’t actually finish many, being a parent – that’s pretty hard – but I play a lot, and across a lot of platforms/devices.  

So, narrowing it down to my favorite game of just this year proved a bit of a challenge, but thinking through it (and checking various sites to see if the games I was thinking about were actually released this year) it came down to one.

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What’s a MOBA?

What’s a MOBA?  This is a great question, and as a parent of a gamer, an important thing to know.  This nonsensical term is tied to several of the most popular games in the world.  If you’re a parent of a gamer, chances are they either play – or know someone who plays – a MOBA game.

What's a MOBA?
League of Legends – Image courtesy of Riot Games

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Why Can’t My Kid Just Pause Their Game?

Why Can't My Kid Pause Their Online Game

You ask, beg, even sometimes threaten, but your kiddo still claims they can’t pause their game.  Why? What’s going on?  Tell me, have you ever had a conversation like this?

“Why can’t you just pause your game?”
“I told you,  I can’t pause it. It doesn’t work that way.”
“It’s a game. Just pause it and get down here.”
“Ugh… The game doesn’t pause.”
“Whatever then, I don’t care. It’s time for dinner. Just come down.”
“I can’t. Their jungler’s down and we’re about to towerdive on mid.  And it’s ranked.”
“You can jungle your mid or whatever later.  I already told you, it’s time for dinner. Get down here”
“But why!”

I can’t imagine I’m the only parent that’s had this talk.  It’s infuriating and can be confusing.  Why can’t they pause their online game?  I mean… It’s a game.  Why can’t they just pause it? Even if it’s online, it’s not like the internet’s going to pick up and leave — So why does your kiddo insist they can’t just stop?

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