How Do You Know If A Game Is Appropriate For Your Kid


Your kiddo wants to play the latest and greatest new game.  They’re excited about it. All their friends are playing it.  You, though, haven’t even heard of it.  You’re not alone.  Many many parents ask the same question: How do you know if a is appropriate for your kid?

There are a lot of games released each year.  Like, a lot a lot. In 2017, for example, nearly 8000 games were released on the Steam platform alone .  That jumped to over 9000 in 2018. Developers across the world release more than 20 a day.  And that’s just one platform.  

Now, things get a little easier to manage when you narrow the scope to just the major titles released in a year, but that’s could still easily top a hundred in a single year.  

Add to all that your own kiddo’s evolving tastes in the games they play. Then add the impact of what their friends are playing, and general hype.  On top of that, you can add in the overall trends for games in social media and it can quickly become impossible to know if a particular game is appropriate for your kid.

Thankfully, there’s a number of easy to use and readily available tools to help you figure all that out.  We’ll go over those tools and arm you with everything you need in this post.

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